The DeRobertis Gallery

Rob DeRobertis

My Photographic Intent

I took up photography for many reasons. One reason is to truly share what I see in the world with my family and friends. I never expect to make money or win at competitions at this endeavor; it is my way of giving back and leaving a legacy.

I enjoy, no, I love hearing people state that they like the work. This is the fuel that energizes me. This is what makes me a photographer.

About Rob

Rob is a photographer from Greater Boston who likes to capture moments in life and share these moments with friends. He calls this Carpe Diem photography. It is an eclectic collection since life is an eclectic collection of moments.

He hopes you find these images interesting and enjoy seeing the stuff he finds along the way in life. Rob believes that experiencing photography is a very tactile experience and found that the best way to enjoy a photograph is by holding it in your hand.

It is the enjoyment of the viewer that gives Rob the biggest reward for his work. Robert is a member of the Stony Brook Camera Club. An award winning, vibrant organization, who shares the passion of photography, competes locally and nationally and who holds monthly club competitions.

Some of the images on this site have won awards in both local and international competitions.

In addition to Stony Brook, Rob is a member of the Photographic Society of America.